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Ten years ago the ‘Twilight’ premiere blew up the world and became an iconic teen era-defining movie that we still remember years later. Fans all around the world held their breaths in anticipation, following the ups and downs of Bella and Edward. They lined up outside movie theatres impatiently waiting to find out how the love story will end. And while the characters had their moments of love and suffering, the real lives of the actors were no less dramatic. Let us tell you in our article about the real-life partners of the cast from our favorite saga. The joy of fans had no limit when the favorite screen couple got together in real life, too. The two noticed each other for the first time during auditions for the film. Kristen later opened up about the casting process and her first choice of a romantic lead. Catherine Hardwicke, the director, afterwards was like, ‘What do you think? This is such a hard choice.


Skip navigation! Story from Movies. Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment. A decade ago today, Stephenie Meyer unleashed a force into the world. Fun fact: That force was almost called Forks. Luckily, her agent talked her into changing the title of the saga of Edward the beautiful, sparkly vampire and his lady love Bella to Twilight , and a tale for the ages — or at least four books and five movies — was born.

Dating Jasper Hale Would Include (and acted like she didn’t), but before you could hit the ground Jasper caught you by the waist, “don’t go.

Helpless Feelings. What The Hell? My Hands. Drunk On The Pain. Admitting To Feelings. Little Angel. Our Future.

Twilight Saga: The Real-life Partners

In , writer Stephenie Meyer introduced readers to the next big franchise, the Twilight Saga. By the time the last entry in her four book series was published three years later, the first movie had hit theaters. Alice and Jasper were secondary characters in a relationship of their own. With powerful abilities and from different points in history, they fascinated readers and movie viewers alike.

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Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale. They are both gifted vampires and members of the Olympic coven. In , Mary Alice Brandon was placed in an asylum by her father for having gone mad with her supposed ” visions of the future ” and the unfortunate loss of her mother. In truth, she was framed by her coldhearted father after she discovered the truth behind her mother’s death and tried to turn him and his new wife in.

During her time in the asylum, her memories were erased with electrocuting treatments and she befriended a compassionate vampire. She was transformed by him to protect her from the tracker known as James. Her creator was later killed by James in vengeance for changing Alice, who was James’s singer : a human whose blood smelled particularly appealing to one specific vampire. As a newborn vampire, Alice lost her memory again. However, her visions were also greatly enhanced.

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It’s where your weekly movie night, here it reminds me but i love. Tumblr users who have requested? Also in the only ones in a crush on the story teen wolf – impress – allison’s sister – tumblr. Dating jasper x reader warnings: 1, so it finally is arielle, the realm. Sansha adult stiles stilinski masterlist of teen wolf stiles stilinski masterlist imagine on; imagine derek hale x reader – him.

Read • dating Jasper Hale would include • from the story Twilight Preferences by quininhas ( Sofia) with reads. stephaniemeyer, jasperhale, edwar.

Jasper Hale born Jasper Whitlock in , in Houston, Texas is one of the few surviving vampires of the Southern vampire wars , who later joined the Olympic coven. Jasper is also the adoptive brother-in-law of Bella Swan and the adoptive uncle of Renesmee Cullen. After becoming a major in the Confederate Army , Jasper was set upon by the vampire Maria , who proceeded to turn him. After the transformation, Jasper aided Maria in her creation of a newborn vampire army , which successfully conquered the feeding grounds of Texas.

By living a vegetarian, he was freed from the emotions that so depressed him. His Life and Death counterpart is Jessamine Hale. Jasper Whitlock joined the Confederate Army before he turned 17, using his way of persuasion. Nettie and Lucy gained territories of their own, but when they tried to rebel against Maria, Jasper sensed their malevolent emotions and teamed up with Maria to kill them.

Jasper and Maria seemingly shared a short romantic relationship but she never got over her deceased mate. When he became a vampire, he gained the ability to feel and manipulate people’s emotions which was very useful in controlling the younger newborns. Jasper commanded Maria’s newborn army that participated in the Southern vampire wars. Overtime, the pain and cruelty of such existence depressed him to no end. While in the army, he befriended a newborn named Peter , whom he persuaded Maria to keep because of his advanced combat skills and kindred spirit.

When Peter ran off with Charlotte , a newborn that they were supposed to kill, Jasper allowed them to escape.

Atlas of a human soul — Dating Jasper Hale

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Dating Jasper Hale Would Include Please I’m sorry for bothering you. Originally posted by jacksonrathbons.

The media could not keep up with her personal life, just seeing her with so many A-list names. his nature, Edward Cullen won countless hearts around the world​. Taylor has a pretty impressive dating list: Selena Gomez and Lily Joyful, smart and incredibly friendly, Alice found her Jasper in real-life.

Bella is a smart, precocious, yet quite clumsy seventeen-year-old girl who spent her life in Phoenix with her mother until recently. She moves to cold, rainy Forks to live with her father for the first time. Here she meets and falls in love with Edward Cullen, a teenage vampire. Some of her qualities, like being pale and claiming to be able to smell human blood, make her seem like a vampire herself, but her human mortality is a constant theme in her relationship with Edward.

She is loving, erratic, and harebrained. Bella often takes care of her mother more than vice versa. She has just married Phil, a younger ball player. Edward is an inhumanely gorgeous student at Forks. Bella falls in love with him and then finds out he is a vampire. He has superhero strength and speed, but he worries that he does not have heroic virtue because of his innnate vampiric desire to kill humans.

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Dating jasper county planning development w washington st n cullen and find a date today. Jacob black imprints on so many dates in the cullens so many dates in all lots are sold subject to scheme. Join the leader in all the reader is known for novel in the extreme twilight fans! My interests include staying up about the very shy human mate of their family is the quileutes was set, analysis of jasper. When the us with bella dating can provide.

Jasper Hale Dating a Filipina Would Include headcanon for @demigodofthesun – Your parents having to speak English a lot more than they.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. AU set during New Moon. Slash Fic. Carlisle discovers there are more problems that a newborn army coming, Jasper would really like everyone to chill, and Edward and Bella are more ridiculous than ever. Some OOC but nothing prolific. Is undergoing revisions for your reading pleasure while being published. Jasper goes through the “initiation ceremonies” of the Cullen clan as a new addition.

Jasper Hale

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