Extreme Savers: College Students Embrace Cheapskate Mentality

Skip to Content. The show feels like it’s making fun of people who use unorthodox and over-the-top methods to save money. A few of the habits aren’t technically legal. Food labels and other logos are blurred, but signs for local restaurants and other establishments are visible. Some of cast have already been featured on shows like Extreme Couponing. Parents and caregivers: Set limits for violence and more with Plus. Parents need to know that Extreme Cheapskates pokes gentle fun at folks who use unusual or extreme methods to save money on products and services. The show’s content is pretty mild, but it sends some mixed messages about the difference between saving money and engaging in some unhealthy and a few unethical tactics to save a buck. Product logos aren’t featured, but the names of local businesses can sometimes be seen.

TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates live viewing and Q&A!

It features people who go to extreme measures in order to save money. These people bring the meaning of frugal to a new height. Most of the practices shown are not what I would be willing to do in my own life. Over here, it is almost certain that you will only find rotten food inside a thrash can.

TLC’s ‘Extreme Cheapskates’ – Pinching Pennies and then some. I’m all for saving so automatically I looked online to find the episodes. The show follows the lives of proud and happy Stay in Touch & Up-to-Date.

Patriarch Raul Pinto scours through vacuum canisters at the car wash in hopes of finding spare change. And Kia Cambridge limits herself to one piece of gum, every three days. Although she’s 8 months pregnant, Angel frequents local junkyards on a regular basis with her husband Orlando. Mark lives in Las Vegas and yet he manages to not spend a penny of his full time salary.

From taking funeral flowers for a date, redoing a bedroom with used hotel sheets, buying thrift store lingerie, or planning a vow renewal on a shoestring budget, Extreme Cheapskates Guide To Love The “Snyder Cut” is here! The director unveiled the first trailer for the long-awaited Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Watch the trailer. Title: Extreme Cheapskates —.

New series ‘Extreme Couponing’ is based on the one-hour special that aired in December Each episode introduces viewers to America’s most extreme ‘super couponers,’ sharing why they Tells the compelling stories of people who are battling obsessive behaviors on the verge of taking over their lives. Follow these addicts as they reveal their strange addictions and meet with psychological experts.

TLC’s ‘Extreme Cheapskates’ – Pinching Pennies and then some.

Travelling or based outside United Kingdom? Video availability outside of United Kingdom varies. Sign in to see videos available to you. Close Menu. On this season, Meet Victoria, who is so frugal she refuses to shower at home in order to save on her water bill.

Hashimoto, like some others with this extreme propensity for savings, is employed. the subway, participates in medical trials, takes surveys online for gift of Extreme Cheapskates, so what’s not to believe about any of this?).

Extreme Cheapskates. Stream now. Guide to Love. Follow a group of penny-pinchers who want to hit the open road without breaking open their wallets including a family of four who share one bunk bed at a Dude Ranch and a mom and daughter who wear their clothes and pack food in their carry on. Follow some of the most peculiar self-proclaimed frugalistas as they go to radical lengths to save money.

These extreme penny pinchers share their best money saving tips, from dumpster diving to excessive recycling to strict budgeting. Full Episodes. One cheapskate visits junkyards for her family’s Christmas gifts while another creates a Christmas turkey mutation out of ground meat, chicken and turkey legs. Cooking instructor Ron Maestri shows us how he spends most of his money on food. Patriarch Raul Pinto scours through vacuum canisters at the car wash in hopes of finding spare change.

While her son’s away at college, this mom will rent out his room, using a sheet as a wall.

Extreme Cheapskates

Ronnie E. October 16, Entertainment 11 Comments. They will go to crazy levels to save a dollar, even if it means disturbing family or guests, or living a low quality of life. Most of the people in the show are not nearly as exaggeratedly cheap as they tried to let on. However, it does place frugal people like myself in a horrible light and it equates our frugal way of life with one of extreme cheapness.

But then, in the background, you can clearly see an entire wall of blu ray discs.

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What We Can Learn from TLC’s “Extreme Cheapskates”

My Extreme Cheapskates episode is airing tonight Wednesday Nov 20! I’m so excited! I’m so scared. I’m so scared …frankly, I feel like Rapunzel in Tangled and don’t know what to feel.

Huntington, Vt.’s Roy Haynes featured on TLC’s “Extreme Cheapskates” Lo and behold, this week’s episode (original air date: December

Travelling or based outside United States? Video availability outside of United States varies. Sign in to see videos available to you. Close Menu. Reusing funeral flowers for a date, redoing bedrooms with used hotel sheets, buying thrift store lingerie, or planning vow renewals for almost nothing, Extreme Cheapskates Guide To Love shows that love doesn’t have to cost a thing. More purchase options.

Extreme cheapskates: 35 ways to save

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Yes, it is cheap but I feel this is a risky practice. I am very particular about purchasing food and make it a habit of checking the expiry date of each.

There are spenders. There are savers. And then, there are cheapskates. Extreme Cheapskates is a new show on the TLC network that showcases the incredible — and often questionable — measures some people will take to save money. Often, these measures place them at odds with friends and family who have grown weary of their extreme cost-cutting tricks.

But how can you change your mindset from one to the other? Try this: think of a way you spend every day — like morning coffee or an afternoon snack from the vending machine.

What I Learned About Saving From Extreme Cheapskates

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Extreme Cheapskates viewers met some seriously eccentric people who The bizarre dating advice this Extreme Cheapskates star offered.

Watch Extreme Cheapskates. Entertainment , Reality. Itunes Store. No Free Trial. Highest quality. Seasons and episodes availability varies between streaming services and are catered to US users. Most recommended streaming services. Synopsis America’s most extreme penny pinchers return to TLC for a second season of dumpster diving, excessive recycling and strict budgeting. Extreme Cheapskates follows the lives of people who go to remarkable lengths to save money for themselves and their families.

These individuals look for creative ways to cut costs by any means necessary—from dumpster diving to excessive recycling and strict budgeting. Couples featured go as far as to share dental floss and a single toothbrush.

Dating Advice from a Dumpster Diver

Most of the antics of the people portrayed on the show inspire revulsion rather than a desire to become more frugal. For example, one woman picks a cake out of the trash and serves it to her guests. Another woman cooks up roadkill for dinner. These examples are why this show is first and foremost entertainment. Basically like all of reality TV.

Here’s a complete guide to where to watch every episode of Extreme Cheapskates Season 3 streaming. Search across + sites with one click, and watch.

I was eager to see the show as the highlights from the commercial had me very intrigued. The show follows the lives of proud and happy cheapskates who show viewers how they save money every year by taking thriftiness to another level. For example, Jeff and his wife would practice what they call a ‘fiscal fast’ that restricts them from spending a single cent the entire week; instead they are to use all that is in their fridge and cupboards.

Not a bad idea right? They also do not own any electronics ipods, televisions, cell phones and limit their electronic devices to their basic kitchen appliances fridge and stove. And though Jeff and his wife are not the most extreme of the bunch, others like Kay, a New Yorker who refuses to buy toilet paper she uses only water and soap definitely took it to another level.

You see, most of these places throw out expired or damaged products that may not be suitable to sell but are still according to Kay decent enough for a cheapskate to use.

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19 Money-Saving “Hacks” From “Extreme Cheapskates” That’ll Leave You Either Impressed Or 15 People Who Didn’t Receive What They Ordered Online Years ago, I was set up on a blind date through a coworker.

This article is from the archive of our partner. Every so often we get one of those articles about how someone more frugal than your average frugal person is living off the land on the cheap, surviving on stuff discovered in Dumpsters and other people’s trash. These enterprising individuals are known as Dumpster divers or freegans or anti-consumerists or whatever the name du jour happens to be, and we are supposed to feel both bourgeois-horrified and possibly impressed by their behavior.

Hashimoto, like some others with this extreme propensity for savings, is employed. She’s a CPA. Storey writes, however, that after Hashimoto was laid off in the dot-com crash she changed her lifestyle. With the fear of being fired at any time weighing on her following that experience, even though she has a job now, she takes advantage of all the fairly decent or even good products thrown away by upscale stores.

She lives in Harlem, in a studio purchased and paid for, and treks regularly to the Upper West Side for free food because that’s where it’s best and most plentiful Fairway? She also cuts her own hair, washes her clothes “while she showers,” runs to work instead of paying for the subway, participates in medical trials, takes surveys online for gift cards, and uses soap “to wash herself after using the toilet.

All very economical, if time consuming. But here’s where it gets interesting: There are certain lines a Dumpster diver will not cross. She will not take home another person’s discarded mattress because of potential for bedbug infestations and instead sleeps on used yoga mats.

Extreme Cheapskates S02E01