How to Keep Perfectionism From Harming Your Marriage

People often confuse high achieving behavior with perfectionistic behavior. Their achievements are not about what others will think of them or a fear of failure , it’s to gain personal gratification from their success. True perfectionists aren’t really trying to be perfect, they are avoiding not being good enough. This avoidance dictates much of their behavior, and it’s linked to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and even suicide. Paul Hewitt, PhD and psychologist Gordon Flett are two of the most respected researchers of perfectionistic behavior. And so, the search for absolute perfection never ends.

Dating a Perfectionist: 12 Things You Must Know Before You Date One

Perfectionism can lead you down a slippery slope, putting all sorts of weird filters on your perspective when it comes to women you go out with. Not a good look. To succeed as a couple, you need to give your partner the space and responsibility of ownership in the relationship. Otherwise, it could fall apart. So for the sake of your current dating life and future girlfriend!

Regarding dating relationships, socially prescribed perfectionism has been found to hinder communication by producing maladaptive response tendencies (Flett.

Signing up agrees to our terms of use. Not every Christian who is unmarried is unhappy about it. Some people are perfectly content with their singleness. And this is particularly painful for perfectionists. A perfectionist is someone who is extremely hands-on, likes to get things done in a specific way and sets goals that he or she fully expects to hit right on schedule. Oddly enough, perfectionism not only enhances the pain of unwanted singleness, but it can actually prolong it too.

Here are three ways meticulousness, precision, correctness, punctuality and other things perfectionists love can delay your marriage from becoming a reality. Perfectionists are usually seen as go-getters. But ask any hardcore perfectionist and if she is being honest she will tell you she struggles with passivity and paralysis when a task seems too daunting to do without any errors.

Perfectionism kills productivity because an extreme commitment to exactness causes an anxiety that hinders the job from just getting done. Perfectionists hate making mistakes. The only thing left to do is tear that sheet out of the coloring book. But when it comes to relationships, mistakes are a bit more painful. The truth is, real life is always messy, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.


It can make you unfairly judge yourself and others, and can cause a lot of problems. Decide on a few dealbreakers. Be reasonable. It never hurts to get advice from people who know and love you.

The reality is my refusal to date exclusively had less to do with my potential boyfriend and more to do with my unwillingness to abandon my.

A recent psychology study caught my eye because the interpretation seemed bizarre, and possibly misguided. And lo and behold, the satisficers were pretty happy with their spouses, but the maximizers were only happy, for the time being, if they had attractive wives as judged by the researchers or rich husbands. The way the researchers seemed to be interpreting their result, published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, was that male maximizers should marry beautiful women, and female ones should marry rich men.

Does this mean that even people who were really holding out for someone fun and intelligent should settle for rich or good-looking? Or is it assuming that money and looks are all anyone really cares about? I asked one of the authors on the paper, Florida State University graduate student Juliana French, why they chose to focus on looks and money. She said these are ancient values — looks being a proxy for fertility in women, and money being a sign that a man can provide for a family.

Besides, she explained, these are the traits that are obvious enough that maximizers can size up near strangers and compare them with their unfortunate spouses. Encouraging maximizers to recognize this in themselves is one thing. Advising them to pursue it is quite another. The maximizing tendency is a fairly stable trait, she said.

Perfectionism May Be Sabotaging Your Relationship

Attachment style refers to the theory that as children, we develop attachment systems that govern our relationships to our caregivers, and that influence and shape and manifest in our relationships as adults — especially with romantic partners. I am not claiming it is absolutely true. I want you to choose which of these thoughts sounds most familiar to you in a romantic relationship:.

As you may have guessed, each of the above examples corresponds roughly to a different attachment style.

In Study 1, 69 students in dating relationships completed the Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (MPS) and a multidimensional measure of.

Dating a Perfectionist Make sure your partner really is a perfectionist. Tip Remember that because a perfectionist wants everything to be perfect, he may spend a lot of hours at work or school. It won’t mean that he doesn’t want to spend time with you, just that he can’t overcome his perfectionism to do so all of the time. Warning Perfectionists tend to be very negative people; it really takes a thick-skinned optimist to handle one.

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Perfectionism Is Killing Your Dating Life

I get my roots done every six weeks. Chipped nail polish makes me cringe. I graduated from college with a 4. I run exactly 10 miles because odd numbers drive me insane.

Wondering how to let go of perfectionism in dating & why it’s important. Guys, dating a perfectionist is no fun. No woman will measure up to.

I stared at my phone, lying a few feet away on my desk. I was 22, and frozen by the fear of asking a girl I liked out. Eventually, after what felt like hours, I picked up my phone and found her name. Here goes nothing. Five rings, almost there! Oh no. While no one wants to admit they struggle with dating anxiety, we all do to some degree. Dating anxiety wreaks havoc in our lives, causing us to go on fewer dates and start fewer relationships.

While dating will always have hard parts, when you start to address the underlying causes for some of the difficult emotions you experience, you can stop seeing a date as a dreaded task and can instead begin to enjoy it.

How to Live with a Perfectionist

The root of our perfectionism —the chicken or the egg—is hardly the point. Perfectionism becomes a sort of impossible perfectionism -plus. But for a poignant and very enjoyable commentary on the grim perils of Vogue-inspired perfectionism , you could do no better. Perfectionism , no less than isolationism or imperialism or power politics, may obstruct the paths to international peace.

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Two studies examined the extent to which dimensions of perfectionism are associated with indices of relationship beliefs, behaviors, and dyadic adjustment. In Study 1, 69 students in dating relationships completed the Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale MPS and a multidimensional measure of relationship beliefs. In addition, partici-pants completed self-report measures of positive and negative relationship behaviors, and global measures of liking and loving. In Study 2, 91 students in dating relation-ships completed a battery of measures including the MPS and scales assessing perfec-tionism cognitions and perfectionistic self presentation.

They also completed mea-sures of dyadic adjustment and limerence i. Collectively, the findings indicated that individuals with high levels of self-oriented perfectionism and other-oriented perfectionism have stronger relationship beliefs in the areas of communication, trust, and support, suggesting that these perfec-tionists have high relationship standards in these particular areas.

Although social prescribed perfectionism had little association with specific relationship beliefs, so-cially prescribed perfectionism was associated with a tendency to display destructive relationship responses i. Perfectionistic self-presentation and perfectionism cognitions were also linked with aspects of limerence. The results suggest that inter-personal aspects of perfectionism are associated with self-defeating tendencies in dating relationships.

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Dating perfectionism

In third grade I asked my mom to buy me a stack of lined notebooks and colored pens. I spent hours neatly labeling each notebook by class, date, and assignment deadlines. This was tiring but it was also a compulsion. I never let it get too hot. I played the good child, the loving daughter and sister, but my life was out of control.

A perfectionist is a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection. In psychology, perfectionism is a personality trait characterized by “a person’s.

She prioritized his pleasure over her own every single time, focusing all her energy on giving a memorable performance that would leave him satisfied, and always wanting more. Now 23 and living in New York, Meredith is sick of faking orgasms and would love to finally take ownership of her sexuality. Meredith is one of the many men and women whose perfectionism negatively affects their sex lives. Anxiety, particularly for women, works against the process of arousal. They found that, in particular, women who believe their partner is imposing impossible standards on them are prone to sexual dysfunction.

Rachel Sussman , a relationship therapist in New York, told the Cut that she often sees couples that have at least one partner with perfectionist standards. Is that girl going to feel great ripping off her clothes, having hot, passionate, dirty sex? Sussman pointed out that of her clients, the couples with the healthiest sex lives are those with partners who make the other feel desired. Kerner agrees that the key ingredient to great sex is feeling wanted by your partner.

Nevertheless, he explained that a lot of anxiety relating to sex tends to happen in the early stages of arousal. The more aroused a person gets, the more a sort of neurochemical cocktail works through their system to lower their inhibitions. The irony of this approach is clear, though: Because perfectionists may be anxious about the arousal process, attempting to get turned on enough to enjoy sex can be a vicious cycle unto itself.

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Perfectionism, beliefs, and adjustment in dating relationships

Is your perfectionist partner or family member driving you crazy? Perfectionists can be hard to live with. Read more about the classic traits of perfectionists here.

As I went through my twenties, perfectionism caused me to put intense pressure while dating. I thought that if I was perfect, if I wore the right.

Career come with job description, KPI and constant feedback from managers. Somehow, career is the easiest challenge for a Perfectionist. They are extremely responsible so they will work hard to meet all the deadlines. They are the first to be promoted, so they have great chances to become senior managers in their 30s. So yeah, finding love is not really their top priority. Their perspective is framed like this: all or nothing, now or never!

They will often commit themselves to tight deadlines or to unexpected work challenges. Admit it, for Perfectionists the need to excel comes first.

Perfectionist Traits: Do These Sound Familiar?

Art Credit: Christie Graham Photography. I recently entered into my first relationship in what feels like eons but was actually only a couple years. Every fiber in my body questioned whether or not it was worth it to let someone in. The reality is my refusal to date exclusively had less to do with my potential boyfriend and more to do with my unwillingness to abandon my extremely rigid way of structuring my life.

Don’t Let Perfectionism Get in the Way of a Great Relationship. Be reasonable. It never hurts to get type from people who know and love you. Stop overcoming.

Seeking Mr. He would sincerely and succinctly articulate to anyone who asked, exactly what he was looking for in a mate. But inevitably every date or two would end in disaster. Put bluntly, when one is more wed to his ideals about dating than to the potential for a meaningful, lasting relationship with an excellent partner with whom to grow together, he might be suffering from perfectionism.

Why be concerned with a pervasive preoccupation with perfection? The answer is clear. Perfection is not a Torah desired concept to be had in relationships. It is something to be built in relationships. The Malbim Yeshaya distinguishes between two similar Torah concepts — temimut and sheleimut. While on the surface these two concepts seem similar, temimut refers to perfection.

It is a notation that implies no blemish whatsoever. Sheleimut, refers to a complete achievement — doing the best that is possible for the particular type. Rav Shimshon R.

Why Brené Brown Says Perfectionism Is a 20-Ton Shield