Please refresh the page and retry. We bet you didn’t know that Kazakhstan would be where British astronaut Tim Peake blasted off from this morning, ahead of joining the International Space Station. Kazakhstan has a space launch facility. And not just any space launch facility, but the world’s first and largest. Tim Peake will be following in the footsteps of other famous astronauts when his rocket takes off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the Kazakh desert. The site, built in the s for the Soviet Union, is where Sputnik 1 took off. The facility is currently leased by the Russians and remains at the centre of its space programme.

A guide to Kazakhstan – etiquette, customs, clothing and more…

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Kazakhs are Sunni Muslims. Their marriage and wedding customs have traditionally been in line with Islamic law and customs. In accordance with their nomadic clan traditions, there are strict taboos preventing marriages to relatives going back seven generations. Such taboo helps to prevent inbreeding and ensure the health of future offspring. Breaking of this taboo has traditionally been a very serious matter, resulting in banishment from a clan or even death.

The first son was expected to get married first, followed by second son and so. Child marriages have traditionally been a common custom. Citizens officially come of age in Kazakhstan at the age of The country’s law on marriage and family specify the marriage minimum age of 18 years for both for men and women. Marriages to Kazakhs of relatively equal status outside clan restriction are ideal. Sometimes marriages to other ethnic groups occurs, particularly between Kazakh men and Turkic-speaking women in the old days and between Kazakhs and other Soviet ethnic groups in the Soviet era.

Marriages between Kazakh men and non-Muslim women have traditionally been discouraged. Marriages between Kazakh women and non-Muslim men, in the old days, was forbidden and is still not condoned.

Kyrgyzstan’s kidnapped brides use fashion and flags to end marriage taboo

Kazakhstan is a place of stunning natural beauty and rich culture and history. With so many things to do in Kazakhstan, it can help to narrow down your list to attractions in the two main cities, Almaty and Nur-Sultan. It served as the capital from to , during both the Soviet and independent eras. Despite no longer being the capital, it is still one of the major cultural and commercial hubs of Kazakhstan.

Almaty is located in the south of the country, surrounded by mountains and breathtaking scenery.

To date, its celebration has grown wide and quite popular, and received informal recognition in all regions of Kazakhstan, which, in our opinion, is largely due to.

Kazakhstan occupies a unique place between Asia and Europe. We are convinced Kazakhstan women for marriage have everything it takes to make you happy, and this is our ultimate guide to Kazakh brides. Kazakhstan is not the most famous country in Asia and it may turn out that the only things you know about it are stereotypes from Borat. However, we can assure you that Kazakhstan women are nothing like the movie. These are the three most attractive qualities of a Kazakh girl.

The appearance of a typical Kazakhstan woman is probably what you imagine Asian brides to look like. The delicate facial structure, long and shiny black hair, and slim bodies of Kazakh girls are simply what dreams are made of. Even though they may look modest, Kazakhstan girls know exactly how to make their best features seen. Kazakhstan is a country that is located directly between the Asian and European world.


The Kazakhstan eVisa is an online visa , introduced in January , which allows eligible citizens to travel to Kazakhstan for purposes of tourism and business , as well as for medical treatment for certain nationalitie s. The eVisa Kazakhstan was introduced by the government of Kazakhstan in order to expedite the process of obtaining a visa for Kazakhstan for eligible citizens.

The Kazakhstan visa online is valid for a maximum stay of 30 days in the country. Eligible citizens can apply through the simple Kazakhstan eVisa application online. Applicants can complete the form in just a few minutes with personal, passport and travel information.

During the Russian and later the Soviet rule many Kazakh traditional values and customs seized to exist since the country was involved in creating a new Soviet.

In Kazakhstan became independent from the Soviet Union, a country where homosexual relationships were regarded as criminal and same-sex intercourse was widely considered part of jail culture only. In the early years of independence, a progressive sense of politics in Kazakhstan was shared by pro-democracy activists and the ex-communist elite that effectively retained power, as well as by the population in general. The late s, however, saw the curtailing of progressive reforms, and a further consolidation of autocracy, that continued into the s.

No elections in Kazakhstan have been considered free and fair by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe OSCE monitors and no political opposition exists in parliament. The presidential vote, essentially a farce, is meant to showcase popular support for Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is now 75, and who has been in charge since In the last decade, Kazakhstan’s civil society has shrunk, opposition parties have been banned or co-opted, and critical media shut down.

Yet the regime has managed to improve the economy largely due to petrodollars and preserve internal stability. In this way it has secured a sense of legitimacy amongst the citizens, despite widespread corruption and erosion of social welfare. The authorities try to balance their authoritarianism with a craving for international recognition, and see the hosting of international events as symbols of the foreign approval of their policies.

19 Things about Dating Culture in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has a long and rich history, having evolved from a nomad civilisation dating back to the first millennium BC through various periods of expansion and occupation by the Soviets to its current position as a modern nation state. Its diverse ethnic composition combines the native Kazakh people and tribes with a large population of Russians, who each make up approximately half of the population but remain separated by language and religion.

The convergence of these two distinct populations has created a unique culture reliant on both agricultural and industrial ways of life. With an abundance of natural resources and a growing economy, today Kazakhstan is an attractive market for foreign business and investments. An understanding of this distinctive Kazakh culture is essential for any organisation or individual wishing to do business in Kazakhstan.

Although local Kazakhs regard consensual kidnapping as a Kazakh tradition, very her boyfriend later surprises her by “kidnapping” her on an unplanned date.

My mother-in-law said I should put up with all the pain. If you are a married child in Kazakhstan then you are likely to both be a girl and belong to an ethnic minority. Child spouses are those who enter marriage under the age of 18, which the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child considers to be the minimum age for marriage. Child marriage in many cases is quickly followed by pregnancy, which has the potential to cause physical and mental health problems to both the mother and infant.

Girls’ bodies are less ready than those of adult women for childbearing, leading to complications during both pregnancy and childbirth. UNICEF global figures suggest 70, maternal deaths of girls and young women aged occur annually as a result of these complications. An infant born to a mother aged under 18 is 60 per cent more likely to die before his or her first birthday than an infant born to a mother aged over And if the infant survives he or she is more susceptible to a range of health problems, including low birth weight, a lack of nutrition and late physical and cognitive development.

Culture and traditions in Kazakhstan

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The Republic of Kazakhstan has been confronted by complex border security After the collapse of traditional channels of illegal migration from South and East Kazakh-Russian border, bringing the total to date of vehicles delivered.

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